Mo was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Growing up as a child in the Middle East meant that she was afforded the incredible opportunity to see the world! Traveling is in her bones and after hearing all of her stories, as her husband, my bones are jonesin’ for some travel!

Traveling is more than just a perk in this business, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! 

We give you the gift of memories, and you give us the gift of adventure. I’d say it’s a win-win for all!

So seriously, take us anywhere.

We want to travel. Hands down it’s one of the biggest factors driving our work! If you are eloping internationally, please reach out to us!

We offer KILLER deals!


Travel Schedule


La Pine, OR - April 27

Auburn, CA - May 25

San Ramon, CA - May 31

Sacramento, CA - June 1

Sisters, OR - June 14

Modesto, CA - June 15

Sunriver, OR - July 19

Long Beach, WA - July 27

Powell Butte, OR - Aug. 10

Eugene, OR - Aug. 17

Sacramento, CA - Sept. 14

Bend, OR - Sept. 21 & 27