Together we make one hell of a team. The go-getter and the doer, the merging of styles and personalities, is what makes Bear Beau so special. 

What started out as a sweet side-hustle has grown into a 24/7 way of life. And you know what else friends? We’ve not only grown our photo bizz but our family. As cheesy as it is, each client that we work with becomes part of us. We slurp up the fact that some of our clients have become our friends. We’re tickled pink, seriously, because when that happens, you can’t just view things in dollars anymore; your lens [so punny] refocuses and you realize that people dig you not just because you deliver content that is fire, but because we give out good energy, we give out something you can actually connect with. Ya feel?

Meet Bear Beau

Luke and Mo

We are Luke and Mo, and together, we are Bear Beau!  We met each other while running around in circles; on the Sacramento State Track & Field team. Our romance has been on the [literal] run since 2012. In five speedy years we got engaged, had our first child in 2016, and recently married on Oct. 28th, 2017. What can we say, love is WILD! Love is soul binding; love is captivating, and we love capturing it.

Luke’s wild beginnings in the photo world started with commercial photography at a Digital Agency in Sacramento. Determined to stray away from sterile and impersonal marketing strategies employed by way too many companies, he started Bear Beau to incubate his creative freedom and get back in touch with rad people experiencing a simple universal human phenomenon that drives all things; a thing we call LOVE! 

Luke is a picture. taking. freak. More specifically, a fine art, picture taking freak. Luke specializes in documenting candid moments that preserve unusually wild and unique love stories. Luke incorporates fine art and photojournalism to document love stories in the most beautiful and timeless way.

Mo is a go-getter; an aggressively enterprising person who’s also fearless in the pursuit of capturing love. She is the mama bear at Bear Beau, the regulator of day-to-day affairs and responsibilities. She is motivated by true love and respect for the value of life, love, and happiness.


 We’re not just here to boast a fully booked calendar or to massage you to pick our highest priced package. Laaaaaaaaame! Our clients are real people and y’all deserve real attention. 

We’re here to groove along to what makes your soul happy, to climb that mountain with you, and to slay every damn photo.



We want to create an experience for you that makes you fall even deeper in love with your number one boo thang, even if you think that’s not even possible. We want to flood the gates with #allthefeels. 

If you want to work with us, drop us a line and let's make some magic happen!